Welcome to Green Haat Bangladesh

Green Hat started its journey in the middle of 2020. It is moving forward in a steady way with the firm conviction of marketing various important products of livelihood across the country, including self-produced and improved quality food products. Green Haat has vowed to play a leading role against today’s adulterated food and unhealthy eating habits and awareness movement. This is our fight against conventional food processing & adulteration. We must win this fight.

We are a well-organized, energetic, indomitable, especially experienced, honest, responsible patriot, a symbol of confidence and trust in our work. Using the latest excellence of globalization, we are always careful in improving the quality of our products. We do not want to impose the burden of expensive misleading packaging and unreasonable cost of promotion on the buyer.

We have spontaneously played a good role in building our new generation as a physically and mentally healthy nation through a scientifically based study of proper nutritious food and eating habits. We sincerely hope that we will receive the greetings of every conscious citizen in this sacred service effort.

Our Vision

Ensuring quality product supply everywhere in the country in large scale and provide a shelter of trust and reliance to the buyer.

Our Mission

•    To serve our customer with our honesty and integrity.
•    To fulfill the demand of customer with our extensive support.
•    To upgrading our product values restless analysis and caring.
•    To invest our specialized practical knowledge for producing various essential products.
•    To establish, “honestly good service” must bring business dividends automatically.

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